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African Mango Pills

How to be Smart and Avoid Falling for the Hype.


There is a lot of hype surrounding African mango pills, but as smart consumers we can't possibly buy into all the hype that is out there. We want to first do our research and make an informed decision before we buy. So you may be asking yourself, how do African mango pills stack up against other diet supplements?

Well according to our research, very well. They are backed by clinical studies, which prove that they in fact do work. In fact, in 2009, scientists at the University of Yaounde conducted an experiment where they took 102 over weight individuals and gave half of them the African mango extract pill and the other half a placebo (sugar pill). The results were astonishing, after just 10 weeks, the group taking the african mango pills lost 28 pounds while the placebo group should no noticeable improvements. You can read more about the study here: FOX NEWS: African Mango Sheds Pounds, Lowers Cholesterol

To further add to its credibility, Dr. Oz. called this fruit, mentioning no specific brand, a “breakthrough supplement” and a “miracle in your medicine cabinet”. Also, one of the show’s leading medical contributors, Dr. Tanya Edwards, M.D., called the African Mango pill, a “miracle pill” after it helped her lose 7 pounds in less than a month without making any changes to her diet or exercise routine. Click here to read her report

The African mango is a rare sub-species of mangos that grow only in the tropical forests of Cameroon. It has a high percentage of enzymes that causes various effects on the body. The extract is also known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties. It does this by breaking down toxins in the body and removing them effectively. One of the most notable things about the wonderful ingredient is the rate in which it accelerates metabolic activity. The body's metabolism increases tremendously and helps digest fat and other unwanted substances.

At "Natural African Mango" we have added 2 additional ingredients to the african mango pill to make it even more potent; green tea extract and acai extract. All 3 ingredients are purely natural and 100% plant matter.

According to WebMD, "green tea and acai have antioxidants that help protect cells from damage caused by harmful molecules in the body called "free radicals" and can also help against diseases such as heart disease and cancer."

The african mango pills do not require any outrageous dieting, nor does it require waking up at early hours to exercise. It is perfect for losing weight, living healthier, and feeling better about your body. So order from us today, and have complete piece of mind that you are ordering the top african mango pills on the market.


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